Meet Tim Tewalt

Tim Tewalt was appointed to the Eau Claire City Council to serve District One in June 2015 due to the unexpected vacancy of this seat.   With the unfortunate passing of long time city leader and Councilman Dave Duax, Tim was approached by Dave’s widow Kathryn to consider filling out the term. Tim considered this a time to give back to the city that he has grown to love and appreciate since moving to Eau Claire in 1991.

Tim’s training and vocation has been one of solving problems. Beginning as a Field Service Technician in the electronics industry, he soon discovered becoming a trainer and teacher was his passion. Cray Research drew him to this region in the late 1980s. He then was fortunate to work at CVTC where he continues to help solve problems while teaching maintenance and troubleshooting equipment in the Industrial Mechanics Department.

Tim has been introduced to the City Council policies and procedures since his appointment and would like to continue what he has started. Listening to constituents and learning from current City Council members and City Leaders has been proven to be one of Tim’s passions.

Tim is married to Cindy and adult children Peter and Elizabeth are both North High School grads and both beginning their careers in the Minneapolis area after graduating from college.

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