We would like to recommend Tim Tewalt to the Eau Claire City Councel for another term.  Tim is an honest, deep thinker whose concern for the  welfare of Eau Claire citizens has served us well.
Rod and Lil Larson

Fiscal Responsibility

Tim, I wanted to let you know that I plan to vote and recommend you for the upcoming city council election.  I have moved to this town 8 years ago and met you prior to your interim position on the city council.  I was pleased to hear you taking this opportunity to fill the vacancy while maintaining your full-time position.  You are one that understands people from all economic levels and belief systems.  Most importantly, you take time to seek and understand any voice.  I am pleased that you have been this voice on the council to help make fiscally responsible decisions around reasonable requests and proposals.  Thank you for your services and the time you spend with this community. Sincerely,
Doug Morosky


I wholeheartedly endorse Tim Tewalt for re-election to Eau Claire’s City Council.  Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mr. Tewalt as the council liaison to the library board of trustees and have experienced firsthand his commitment to transparency and fairness in public service.  In addition, Mr. Tewalt enthusiastically supported the development of the Dabble Box makerspace, and other projects focused on innovation and building community partnerships.  Council Tewalt believes when people keep learning throughout their lives their community is stronger and more resilient. 
Pamela K. Westby 


I have known Mr. Tewalt for nearly 12 years, having worked alongside his wife, Cindy, in a professional capacity for most of them. In doing so, I’ve been privy to countless anecdotal stories related to the character of Mr. Tewalt in his teaching capacity at CVTC; his devotion and concern to his immediate and extended family; to his Christian faith; and in more recent times, his compassion and passion for serving the Eau Claire community as a Council member. Beyond the anecdotal accounts, I’ve been in the presence of Mr. Tewalt and engaged with him a number of times over the 12 years I’ve known his family — and he is always personable, pleasant, considerate, and interested in the lives of those he’s with.

It is my opinion that Mr. Tewalt will continue to serve the Eau Claire community in a positive way, and therefore would strongly recommend him for another term.  The greatest individuals for public servant jobs are those who possess a character makeup which has them concerned more for others, than for themselves.  Mr. Tewalt is just that type of person.  
Brandon Thorsness


Tim is a person that can be trusted to do what he says he will do. He is hard working and has great ideas. He listens to the concerns that his constituents have and acts on them. He doesn’t just nod in agreement and then do nothing. He takes in to account all viewpoints and truly tries to make the best decision for the people in his district and the wider community. I have known Tim for many years and know these things to be a fact.
Jeff Johnson


We have known Tim Tewalt for many years & know him to be an intelligent & reasonable person.  We highly recommend Tim Tewalt to serve on the Eau Claire City Council. 
Jim & Kathy Abens


I highly recommend Tim Tewalt for his continued service on the Eau Claire City Council. Tim is a man of integrity that I trust to help meet the needs of our city.  I have seen him out speaking to neighbors, so I know he is listening to the individuals in our district and is concerned about serving the greater good of Eau Claire.
Sherry Strohbusch


Tim Tewalt was appointed to the City Council following my husband Dave Duax’s passing. Tim is a born leader, a man of integrity with excellent judgment. His desire is to serve Eau Claire for the good of all citizens is admirable and important to Eau Claire’s growth. It is my pleasure to give Tim my highest recommendation for reelection to Eau Claire’s City Council.
Kathryn Proctor Duax

Public Servant

I respect the experienced leadership of my fellow City Council Members seeking re-election this spring. During our service together on the City Council I have found them to be thoughtful public servants who are motivated by nothing less than advancing the common good in Eau Claire.

Kerry Kincaid
President, Eau Claire City Council


I’ve enjoyed serving on City Council with Tim Tewalt, he had big shoes to fill when he was appointed to fill the seat of Dave Duax. Tim has done an excellent job and I find his preparation for meetings and the real world knowledge and experience he brings, from his position at the Chippewa Valley Technical college, to be a great addition to the Eau Claire City Council.

Dave Strobel, Downtown business owner / Council member at large

Tim Tewalt

Eau Claire City Council for District 1


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