Why I’m Running

After raising his family in Eau Claire, Tim answered the call to give back to the city he calls “Home”. Eau Claire has been a premium place to grow his family as it is filled with good schools, great events and progressive action. He would like Eau Claire to be a place where future families will be proud to call Eau Claire their home.

Tim’s collaborative skills are conducive to working with Council members and city employees. He listens and is fair, sees the big picture, and believes in being a wise steward of resources to help Eau Claire stay prosperous.

While serving Eau Claire’s North side, he has advocated for the new Fire Station that is being built to keep families safe with continued quick response time.  A Dog Park will soon be completed on the North Side later this year, a proposal that came to fruition.

Tim has been involved with decisions that the City Council has made, including a new Public Transit Transfer Station, the Haymarket Plaza and Jeffers Park development which includes softball fields, playground and pavilion.  Tim serves on the Library Committee and a recent move to eliminate fines results in improving access and eliminating barriers that kept those with overdue fines away from checking out materials.

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